Hi! At Pulse Style we create all sorts of fun stuff for the very talented CMS, Pulse.

Adding features to the Pulse admin area just got a little easier

Oct 7, 2016

 1 minute read

For ages I've wanted to hack the admin pages in Pulse and add features or tools to the CMS. Unfortunately to do this would normally mean editing the Pulse core files and possibly losing those changes if the CMS was updated.

Admin Bootloader is a simple Javascript file that loads when the main open.php file is run in Pulse (typically when a block, page or blog post is edited) and runs any number of other scripts that can inject scripts, styles or JS tools into the admin interface. The two tools that ship with the script add notes to the user interface (as a reminder for clients for example) and add a simple character counter to the page title field.

If you want to add you own UI element to the Pulse editor then chances are that Admin Bootloader could help you.

We have moved!

Sep 27, 2016

 1 minute read

Welcome to our new home. Remember to wipe your feet!

After what seems like forever we've finally got the Pulse Style site up and running. All of the plug-ins, scripts and other fun stuff that was over on the Plumb Design web site is now here at their new home.

If you've not signed up for our newsletter then now is a good time to do so as we've a lot we want to share with you in the near future.

What is Pulse?

Pulse is a simple, yet powerful content management system and is ideally suited to small or medium sized web sites.

We've developed a number of plug-ins, themes and galleries for Pulse to allow you and your clients to add rich content to your sites quickly and easily.

About Pulse Style

Pulse Style is run by Tim Plumb who has been using Pulse for both personal and commercial projects since 2012. Over that time he's created a number of plug-ins, themes, custom galleries and other scripts for the CMS.

Tim can also be found over at Plumb Design, or making cool stuff for Freeway Pro over at Freeway Style and Freeway Actions. Pop by and say hi!

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